Club Confetti (SoCal)

She arrives at the nightclub

wearing a black leather

bulky boy’s jacket with

plenty of silver zippers

combined with shiny high-heeled

pumps on slender heels

trending white bobby socks

(she drives me crazy).

She removes her jacket,

sparks flying, and reveals a

tight velvet bodice,

fitted waist,

flaring skirt,

sprinkled with shooting

stars and rhinestones

(she drives me crazy).

Silver sparkles on black tiffany,

raised up high to bare thighs–

a mini-tutu, pirouettes and performs.

Puffed stiff tule

on the catwalk.

Madonna. Hollywood. Tabloid.

(She drives me crazy and

I can’t help myself.)

She’s dancing and confetti’s pouring

from the ceiling. Bodies moving.

Wine bubbles burst in her head.

Poof. Gone. Fingers point.

Your 20s are over.

Get serious, birthday girl. 

No more room to falter and fail,

to try out this or that other one.

Youth, brief and wasted.

(She drives me crazy…)

But, she’s not single.

She’s not a star.

She’s just a woman,

holding on to …

an image of a free-spirited,

head-turning, 20-something girl.

She’s on location. Making movies.

(She drives me crazy.)

She spun around (a birthday girl) in

colorful confetti swirls,

touched her wet face,

and found colorful tissues.

© 2017 Cynthia Pittmann

About this poem:

People try on different personas throughout life but we’re not always aware of their fiction. The poem shows the confrontation of one such persona with reality. Even the most self-aware person can be caught in the dream of image and personality. Unconscious expectations about age often surface at milestone birthdays, even when we profess that age is not a limitation.

YouTube: “She Drives Me Crazy”


About Cynthia Pittmann

I am a writer, life-artist, friend to humans, animals and nature. I'm a published poet, and I post original photographs in the WordPress blog. I'm experimenting with a poetic form that is meant to be read (and seen) with music videos. In the Oasis Writing Link blog (blogger), I write about living in Puerto Rico, memoir vignettes, offer creative writing ideas, explore art and sometimes discuss books I'm reading. I have two ongoing non-fiction writing projects: I'm writing a memoir about my mothers who were murdered in a hate crime and an experiential book about learning and practicing creative writing. I am an openminded accepting person. I invite you to introduce yourself (and your areas of artistic interest to me) on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. ॐ
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