Framed Nature © 2016 Cynthia Pittmann

Framed Nature © 2016 Cynthia Pittmann

I sit down and notice morning sunlight and birds

flying low in the green glen– Is this Beatrix Potter’s field

Or a Scottish valley set down right here in

our tropical water-laced world

— all tinted with prismatic light?

Busy girls sit and talk about class and quiz

into a blank canvas made so through

empty speech — as they bounce away the glen smiles

From my corner metal table,

I see the the cement building recede

as dark leaves turn light, lighter and lighter still…

Subtle layers of green gradated tones –an artist’s

practice page…a study of green on black or yellow

or white –or like musical scales played by Pan’s flute

as he dances through unkempt blades — gently

separating tiny yellow-eyed daisies

from white peddles with  his touch…

Or here by me…my arms and face stroked as

my tight ponytail lifts and wisps escape

to brush my mouth and cheeks…

The morning outside conquers this practical

cold round metal table where I’m sitting…

though I notice its multiple polka dot holes

pierced clean through so water won’t collect —

rusting aqua to orange, smooth to rough…

a functional table, purposefully providing

evidence of reasoning and planning.

A student’s seeking words drift by,”There are things

we don’t know about but still they really are there.”

What?! Ah, she wonders about computers and tracking

cookies –but not the glen’s soggy richness or liquid abundance.

Its vitality? –completely unobserved.

But the birds know. See them moving

from branch to branch and tree to tree?

And the trees know, too. They shake and share

–there’s a party going on! But who

sees it or hears? The breeze pushes

ever so gently (look up and listen)…but

chatting students grab for sweaters.

I raise my eyes while leaves fold in and out

rhythmically and soak in

a sun-dappled morning by the glen

near the School of Education

where awareness is never taught.

© 2016 Cynthia Pittmann


About Cynthia Pittmann

I am a writer, life-artist, friend to humans, animals and nature. I'm a published poet, and I post original photographs in the WordPress blog. I'm experimenting with a poetic form that is meant to be read (and seen) with music videos. In the Oasis Writing Link blog (blogger), I write about living in Puerto Rico, memoir vignettes, offer creative writing ideas, explore art and sometimes discuss books I'm reading. I have two ongoing non-fiction writing projects: I'm writing a memoir about my mothers who were murdered in a hate crime and an experiential book about learning and practicing creative writing. I am an openminded accepting person. I invite you to introduce yourself (and your areas of artistic interest to me) on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. ॐ
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