Don’t cry too loud (the doctor
says to the woman) you’re
frightening the others.
Remember, know, and accept:
It’s our policy to hide
truth and mandate showers.
They walk into the oven
naked and noiseless, yet
the guttural moan pushes
through. Now see them reborn
wearing straw hats in orange mists
calling to lost children
carried off by agents.
Meeting again as others they
once knew calling:
it was the worst of times.

The sprinter grabbed her phone.
She thought it was her life.
Falling she yells, Get him,
he’s taken from me. The police
collect her from the sidewalk
spitting up the obvious…
I chased him. I fell. I’m bleeding.
Unwanted blood and baby
press down embracing the earth.
The lawyer sighs to the jury (in
the runner’s defense) but
it was the worst of times.

Silence evicted. Born
by the blood of our mistakes.
Littered in betrayals binding
bad business and bad blood.
We are all waking up.
Our outer shell broken in pieces,
Reality and belief dissolve.
In truth, it is the sub-
tractions that make us see.
Though it was the worst of times,
it is the best of times.


About Cynthia Pittmann

I am a writer, life-artist, friend to humans, animals and nature. I'm a published poet, and I post original photographs in the WordPress blog. I'm experimenting with a poetic form that is meant to be read (and seen) with music videos. In the Oasis Writing Link blog (blogger), I write about living in Puerto Rico, memoir vignettes, offer creative writing ideas, explore art and sometimes discuss books I'm reading. I have two ongoing non-fiction writing projects: I'm writing a memoir about my mothers who were murdered in a hate crime and an experiential book about learning and practicing creative writing. I am an openminded accepting person. I invite you to introduce yourself (and your areas of artistic interest to me) on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. ॐ
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4 Responses to Redemption

  1. Savy says:

    those are some very deep thoughts and the video reflects it….

  2. Oh my! This is brilliant, C.
    Good to see you and your new blog page too.

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