The Trouble with Chickens

Chickens Were Once Chicks
Chickens have wings but don’t fly.
Chicks are baby chickens.
Chicks are small, soft, and make a gentle peeping sound.
And are found in Easter baskets wearing
baby colors ; powder blue, pink, yellow and green.
Chickens are domesticated and designed for consumption,.
often cultivated with large breasts and small brains.
(He’s a thigh man. I like breasts.)
Chickens cross the road, chicks follow and flatten.
Do you want to play chicken? It’s game where
we drive toward each other at high speed,
the one who wants to survive the most? What a chicken!
Chickens are food. Chicken soup, a healing broth,
Chicken Soup for the Soul, a sweet comforting story,
A chick flick, movies made for girls, formulaic plot lines
Paint by numbers characters, mostly pink.
Chick lit, not solely romantic, empowering
Jane Austin and Bridget Jones.
And Hen Lit, matrons wearing red hats and hot flashes.
Chicken Little? The sky is falling! The sky is falling!
Walking around like a chicken with her head cut off.
Crazy chick disease, it’s a softening of the brain.
Chick magnet/chicken coop
Many chickens but only one
Cock, a member reference, substantial,
He’s no chick, nor is he a chicken.
Chick, an American slang term for a young girl.


About Cynthia Pittmann

I am a writer, life-artist, friend to humans, animals and nature. I'm a published poet, and I post original photographs in the WordPress blog. I'm experimenting with a poetic form that is meant to be read (and seen) with music videos. In the Oasis Writing Link blog (blogger), I write about living in Puerto Rico, memoir vignettes, offer creative writing ideas, explore art and sometimes discuss books I'm reading. I have two ongoing non-fiction writing projects: I'm writing a memoir about my mothers who were murdered in a hate crime and an experiential book about learning and practicing creative writing. I am an openminded accepting person. I invite you to introduce yourself (and your areas of artistic interest to me) on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. ॐ
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