Bamboo Crossing

Walking through a bamboo grove

Standing above and peering within

I heard a call

Hinted at first, until the connected

Cacophony, creaking and shrieking

Shook the thin leaves of me down the hill

Into a dark quieting place

I bowed . I silenced, but still the

Bamboo pierced around

Pressing me to the damp earth where

Fungi feed from decay-laced canes

How soft and fragile they crumble into

Un-mourned death.  The light

Thins to penetrate down inside

Yet, only bare ground grows between

Bald …quiet…silenced

Only I move as wind cycles through the bamboo.

Humming… fanning… parting…

Reflecting uninhibited greens,

Swirling in spontaneous shifts

Snapping to another direction

Wind-Kin celebrating renewal

Bamboo is hollow, it rubs and creeks

Loudly pressing and adjusting to

Side-splitting and choice-less penetrations

Down below I lie in fecund earth

Suffocating darkness…waiting to

Join the wind and light. I

Strain upward, though I’m yet heavy,

Feeding earth roots in the hidden

Shadows of those bound to serve…

Sentenced to distance and inevitably

Cross the bamboo thicket…darkly processing

Waiting to hollow-up to the Dancing Place

So much fearful decay until the final freedom

Cynthia S. Pittmann


About Cynthia Pittmann

I am a writer, life-artist, friend to humans, animals and nature. I'm a published poet, and I post original photographs in the WordPress blog. I'm experimenting with a poetic form that is meant to be read (and seen) with music videos. In the Oasis Writing Link blog (blogger), I write about living in Puerto Rico, memoir vignettes, offer creative writing ideas, explore art and sometimes discuss books I'm reading. I have two ongoing non-fiction writing projects: I'm writing a memoir about my mothers who were murdered in a hate crime and an experiential book about learning and practicing creative writing. I am an openminded accepting person. I invite you to introduce yourself (and your areas of artistic interest to me) on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. ॐ
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